Monday, March 01, 2010

Happy Ending

This weekend a little dog wandered up to us while we were working outside. She was obviously lost, and Anna was determined to save her. She grabbed an extra leash and got the dog, an older female rat terrier.

She had a collar with a rabies tag, but that was all. Of course the clinic that issued the tag was already closed for the weekend, so we had no other way of tracking down her owners. Anna and Colin made a small FOUND DOG sign that we hung near our mailboxes, and set up the extra kennel for our new foundling.

Anna kept the dog in her bedroom, and got up early Sunday morning to walk her outside. Later we all took her for a short walk in the neighborhood and then hung out at the park, hoping someone would recognize the dog. She didn't like to be held, but she loved following Anna around. At our house she was a polite houseguest.
Anna said a sad goodbye to her this morning, knowing she would probably be gone back to her home before she got back from school. She liked the little dog and hoped that if her family couldn't be found, that she could maybe keep her. Once Colin realized that she'd be gone, he actually burst into tears briefly before heading off to school.

A few phone calls this morning and she was returned to her family. Her name was Mattie, and she was 9 years old. She had accidentally been let out by an electrician, and she ran from him, scared. He chased her, trying to get her back, and even had animal control chase her, but no one could catch her. She ended up at our house nearly 2 miles away. They had been very worried about her all weekend but hoped she would be returned via her rabies tag or microchip. Anna relished all these details later, especially when she heard how their teenage daughter went to her room and cried when she found out Mattie had been missing overnight. Mattie greeted all of them excitedly when she got home, then slept all day. I know Anna enjoyed having a little dog to care for, but she was happy to know she helped return her to her grateful family.


grandad says said...

Oh a good ending to a good story. Not every good deed goes unpunished then?

Sinda said...

So sweet, and I love a happy ending. Yay, Anna!

Lisa said...

I love stories like this.


Turnip has been out our front door without a leash exactly once, and he was almost uncatchable. He does like to bolt.

Lula said...

Somehow my kids and I always manage to find lost pets. It is a rewarding moment to return a pet to the owner and see the relief and happiness that they're feeling when they're reunited!

Emily said...

What a great story! Your kids are so sweet. I'm sure Anna is petitioning for a dog of her own even more now.

EdamameMommy said...

Look how lovely her long locks look in those pics. She is clearly fawning all over that ugly rat terrier (sorry, but I don't have any love for that breed) Awh, are you considering giving her her own smaller canine?