Monday, January 11, 2010

You can always talk about the weather

Who would have thought that the worst, hottest summer in history would have yielded to the most glorious fall in memory, then such a cold winter?  Heck, I thought that interminable summer would never end.

I remember Decembers where I wished it would be cold enough to wear a sweater or jacket, when I thought Target should sell Christmas T-shirts in a short sleeved version.  I saw them this year, but did not feel like buying one, since we'd already broken out the coats, scarves, and gloves.

For the past week we've sunken into the freezing temperatures gripping most of North America.  Although I love the cold, I fear for my Meyer Lemon tree, which I have grown to love, but may not survive.  It is amazing for me to see frost on my car in the morning.  Anthony did some landscape work this weekend, and the mulch was still frozen underneath in the afternoon.

This morning I jogged around Lake Pflugerville and it was only 28 degrees.   There was lots of sun and little wind so it was glorious.  The far edge of the lake had a rim of ice, and the marshy areas were icy enough for the many birds to walk on.  The great blue herons were hunkered down, feet in the frigid water.

The days are getting longer, and two of the hens are laying again.  Their water bucket is in the shade, perpetually iced over.  I go down and bring them some fresh water, and all 5 run over and communally take little sips of it.  They look like they are tasting a fine wine!  It must be good because they taste it again and again...


Emily said...

I'm thankful that the days are getting longer again.

Love your description of the hens!

peevish said...

After that summer, didn't you want some real winter? I do hope your lemon tree survives. Those lemons are so good!