Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Have you seen these crazy bloggers who wear the same dress for a year (or at least many months) in protest of the fashion industry?  The thought is that we don't really NEED all these new clothes every new season, that fashion is a contrived way to keep us consuming.  Sure, everyone loves a new frock, and it makes you feel pretty and special, but you don't need a new wardrobe every 6 months.

While I have absolutely no desire to wear the same. dress. every. day. it did get me thinking.  (Also, Anthony got extremely bored with the meager yet efficient selection of clothes I brought in my big backpack on our last Europe trip, and still cringes when he sees a certain skort.)  I was thinking about this especially when I was putting away 2 weeks worth of clean laundry (hey, it was the holidays, I got behind), cramming everything into my walk-in closet and drawers.  I have plenty of clothes.  Do I really need more?

So, I resolve not to buy more clothing for myself until my birthday, in May.  Its a big birthday, and will require a new frock.  I have recently stocked up on underwear and socks, and got some shirts and sweaters for Christmas.  I've got 3 pairs of good, in-style jeans (not mom jeans).  I wear scrubs two days a week, and got two new sets in November.  The only thing I didn't get before 1/1/01 was some new yoga pants to wear to Bollywood, but really that is only once a week; I can manage with the old pairs.

I may make an exception for a new bathing suit as the weather gets warmer.  Of course, I can always buy my kids more clothes -- they outgrow them and really do need new stuff every season.  Plus Colin wears out the knees!  I'd rather buy my kids clothes than me anyday.

Of course, today dressing for lunch with girlfriends, I was totally jonesing for some new tops.  Must stay strong!


EdamameMommy said...

I agree that our culture's consumption of "disposable" clothes is a huge waste of energy, resources...not to mention cruel labor. BUT, I don't think that means we should not express ourselves through clothing. Once you have built a closet of basics, then you can just buy one or two things a season that reflect current fun trends AND your style!

I love high quality clothing bought in January sales for my children. THings handknit and reusable by friends kids and future generations. Just go browse the fantastic collections at Flora and Henri, Rachel Riley or Papo d'Anjou to see what I mean. We also get a great GREAT batch of "henry-downs" from Graham's older friend.

You are lucky; you can make this resolution and borrow from your sister if you have too. ;)

Target has a fresh batch of inexpensive swimsuits and I buy two or three every year and wear them non-stop until they wear out. I would pay $5 to see that they were guaranteed not made in a sweatshop, though.

Emily said...

While I sometimes ponder being more minimalistic and realize I have more than I truly need, I so love having a new outfit. And in these times of great sales, it's hard to resist! Still, I salute you. For me, I always try to purge something when I bring something new into my closet.
Oh, and I was totally grinning at your use of the word "frock." :-)

peevish said...

Over the holidays, I had lots fo time to get caught up on laundry. Once everything was clean, it was so hard to fit it all into drawers and closets! These are not fancy or expensive clothes, just basic, everyday jeans, shirts & sweaters. But it did occur to me that maybe I could wash them more often and buy fewer outfits. With the kids, we always have 3 distinct sets of clothes: the ones that fit now, the ones are a bit too big, and the ones that are a bit too small but are precious to the girls so they don't want to let go of them. I'd love to eliminate 2 of these categories.

It was so great to see you all yesterday, even if it was very brief.

lindsey said...

Do Grandma Dulce hand-me-downs count as new clothes?