Monday, July 13, 2009

Swim Team Fin

Tonight was the end of season banquet for swim team. What a way to celebrate - standing in a long line outside at 6:30pm, when the temp is peaking at 103, no breeze, to eat fajitas. Then we waited through the awards - since we only went to 2 meets our kids didn't actually get any special awards. But Anna and Colin we SO PROUD of their participant trophies, they held them high and beamed.

After all that, they opened the pool and let the kids splash around. Walking back to the car, we talked about how there was no more swim practice tomorrow. The kids decided they were happy AND sad. Me, too.

Swim team did do what I hoped - made them tan (especially Anna!), and lean (especially Colin), and made them accomplished, strong swimmers.


Emily said...

I'm glad they were proud of their accomplishments! And they are much stronger swimmers now. Still, I'm glad for you that it is done. You and Anth had a lot to shuffle them between with swimming, piano and ballet.

Sinda said...

Congratulations to everyone!!

Krispy said...

and is their hair green too? That's the sign of a happy swimmer!

peevish said...

Mission accomplished. And kudos to them!