Thursday, July 02, 2009

Roll over, Beethoven

Colin begs me -- if he brushes his teeth and picks up his room and puts his pyjamas on REALLY FAST, can he watch a little Star Wars before bed? OK, if you get it all done.

A few moments later, he whispers in my ear, "What is your favorite song that I play on the piano?" Oh, there are so many... He knows I love a little after dinner music. So he plays me Haydn's Suprise Symphony, and Brahm's Symphony #1, and of course, Bach's Minuet in G. (You know, the big note versions). So I reward him with my rusty renditions of some songs by his favorite composer, Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata and Fur Elise (the intermediate student versions). I am amazed how well my fingers remember most of the notes, and thank my 11 year old self for plowing through this stuff decades ago. Colin loves it, despite my missteps, then plays me his new Beethoven piece, Turkish Dance. Reluctantly, I remind him of his unfinished tasks and the promise of Star Wars, and he runs off to it.

I love my little pianist!

Also, my little poet Anna, is inspired by the piano:

There are 88 keys on the piano,
All of them black and white.
I feel like a breeze when
I whiz on the keys,
It's such a wonderful delight.

Bang! goes the forte
Softly humms the piano,
The dynamics can be loud or soft,
It depends on the way you play it.

Loud or soft,
Hard or light,
All songs are good,
Even your type.


get2eric said...

Brilliant stuff. I wish I'd a heard it.

EdamameMommy said...

That is wonderful, Jenn. I thought of Colin last night, too, because they did a movies under the stars night on island for children -- Star Wars IV!

mr man said...

I loved Ludwig van's Turkish Dance when I discovered it on a Time-Life recording my uncle gave me. I would play that track interminably, then I recorded it on a cassette 10 times and would just rewind from then on, falling asleep to it; waking up to it. I was eleven.

Someday soon we hope to get a piano and start the girls on lessons. I miss unrecorded music in the house, and my getting a french horn would only encourage the Frankensteins to come by...

Emily said...

It's so great they are both enjoying it so much! I'm impressed that Colin has picked out a favorite composer already, and Anna's poem is also very impressive!