Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May is almost over...

Yikes, a week between posting, again. This month kicks my butt. We had a great but super-full Memorial Day weekend. Anna's ballet performance was the focus. It was great - she really loves to perform and shines on stage. The costumes were beautiful, and they hired a professional male ballet dancer who was terrific. The show was long, though, and I hoped the male dancer would at least capture Colin's attention.

"Did you like the boy dancer, Colin? Did you see how high he could jump?" I asked him.

"No, it was boring! I only liked the cookies," (at intermission) he told me. But! when he came out, Colin had whispered to his dad, "I see his big, fat penis!" and then, when he turned around, "Now I see his butt!"

If Colin was bored, my Grandmother was enthralled. She loved the classical ballet and the technique of the dancers. She didn't appreciate some of the modern jazz, but its not my cup of tea, either. I was glad my mom could bring her, and my aunt Cinda came, too. That must be where Anna inherited her ballet gene.

After another rain out for the open water swim practice (getting ready for the triathlon), we were finally successful on Monday. We went out to Lake Pflugerville, swam across it and back, then let the kids cavort in the water, too. It was warm but not too hot - a lovely way to spend Memorial Day.

Colin lost his first tooth today. It is really gone, swallowed up unnoticed in a bite of pear. It always makes me sad to say goodbye to these little teeth, but since the permanent tooth had come in behind a few days ago, it was time for this one to go. Anna assured him the tooth fairy would still come.

What's up next? Piano recital, end of school, triathlon June 7th. Also, all 3 of our babysitters are leaving the first 2 weeks of June, leaving us high and dry. Not sure what's going to happen, but its sure to be an adventure...


Emily said...

Colin's observations are funny! But those male dancer's costumes don't leave much to the imagination, do they?

Glad Anna enjoyed her recital. Wish I could have been there.

I'm also envious that you got an open water practice! I'm so nervous and excited about the triathlon. Can't believe it's 11 days from now!

peevish said...

You sound busy,but happy. Is that triathlon the same one Kristina is doing? I'll have my fingers crossed for all of you that day!

Vetmommy said...

Lisa, yes its the same Triathlon. Kris was swimming with me on Monday, and we hope to go again this weekend.