Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Left Chops

I got an urge to cook lamb for Easter, so I invited some friends over, and ran to HEB on Easter-eve. They had a few chops in the refrigerator case, and a few in the butcher case. At $10.99 per pound I decided to be picky - lamb chops are basically tiny ovine T-bones, with a sirloin side and a smaller tenderloin side. Some of their chops had hardly any tenderloin left and so were hardly worth buying.

I waited for the nice butcher lady to come over and pointed out which chops I wanted, plus took 2 of the packages from the shelf. They had 2 big loins in the back that hadn't been sliced yet but I didn't have time for that since Anna had a party to be at in 45 minutes. I took my chops and my other groceries, and as always, did self check out and used my own cloth bags, although I did put the chops in a plastic bag since they were a little moist.

Unloading my bags at home, I realized I had only grabbed "my bags," and left my meat at the self-check-out. Breathless, I ran in with my groceries and dialed the number on the receipt. "Hi, I was just there, at self-check-out, number 8, and I left my meat. Is it still there?" No, it wasn't, but if I came back and picked out something of similar size they would honor my receipt.

Yikes! I quickly told Anthony about my crisis, and he said, "Go, just go back and get your meat." I ran out and left him to unload the other groceries and get the kids ready. They still hadn't located my meat when I returned to the store, so I went back to the butcher case.

In the interim the store had gotten MUCH more crowded, plus everyone was buying seafood (?) and so I had to wait and wait for help. Finally the same nice lady came up, and I told her my situation, and asked her to slice the whole chops in the back of the case. She took them back to get cut, which took forever; I had to watch 3 other people get helped while I waited for my chops. In between the other clerks would ask me if I'd been helped, and I said, "Yes, I'm just waiting for them to cut my lamb chops...." and twice some guys came and asked me how thick I wanted them, then finally FINALLY I had a huge package of beautiful custom lamb chops. Of course, it was my stupid mistake to leave them at the check-out and I was so thrilled that HEB replaced it for me so quickly. I know in other countries I'd be forking out the dough for more chops. We were able to get Anna to her party just 5 minutes late.

The next day, after they were grilled, they were SO worth it. See the food blog for more info. (Finally posted there, Steph, just for you!)


mainlyclearskies said...

Oh those look SO good! And how nice that the store was helpful!

Emily said...

Sounds like a good ending! Nice of them to honor the price, and it sounds like you got better cuts. I would have loved to have been an appreciative audience for that meal.

get2eric said...

Oh that's too bad.

You shoulda gone to Costco. They're fresh and cheaper.

Anonymous said...

They look scrumptious,Jenn..mmmm I am off my food at the moment but if you turned up here with just one of those tasty-looking chops you wouldn't see it for dust!! :)

If you did want to pop over the Pond with one,can I have the trimmings too? xx Aunty Norma.