Sunday, April 19, 2009

Break a Leg

Anna's class did a little play on Friday. I missed it due to work, but Anthony video'd it for me.

It lasts 9 minutes, and has its foibles. The casting was done by drawing names out of a hat. Anna didn't get a speaking role, but then "Coach Lee," vomited during lunch the day before. The teacher tapped Anna to be the last minute understudy for the role. She did great, and I was happy for her.

There were two narrators, but the narrator for the last 2 acts got cold feet, so the first narrator was pushed back onto stage with the script to read.

But the funniest was the "Police Chief." Just as they are about to solve "They Mystery of Pine Park," he turns around and stage whispers, "I gotta go to the bathroom!" But the show must go on, so he wiggles, and stands pigeon-toed, and twists the hem of his shorts, then leans over.... and loses it. Poor guy. His mom grabs his hand and marches him off-stage. The rest of the cast stares, then plods ahead. When they find his missing badge, one guy says, "Here's the police chief's badge, but he's not here..." and he stuffs it IN HIS CROTCH.

Now you know why I can't post the video here. CLASSIC.


get2eric said...

Oh that's too funny. We wish we had been there.

peevish said...

I so want to see it now. Did Anthony manage to keep a straight face?

Vetmommy said...

Its funny - you can hear Anthony chuckling behind the camera.

DapDapWap said...

I can hear you both laughing in my head! Makes it all the more funny!!