Monday, March 09, 2009

Weekend (recap)

Friday Night

Star Wars Episode 2 (the kids are almost done with the saga)


Sunshine Gardens Plant Sale (for heirloom tomato seedlings)
Phoenicia Bakery (for Greek food supplies)
Ballet (Anna's exam in 3 weeks)
Cooking (mostly Greek food)
Dinner party (mofungo isn't really Greek, is it?)


Clean kitchen (every single plate. Only 1 clean wineglass left!)
Bike ride (triathlon coming up in 3 months)
Spring Fling (school carnival/fundraiser)
Planting seedlings (mostly Anthony here)
Flop exhausted on couch (wouldn't you, too?)


ColeBugsmommy said...

I'm tired just reading all of that. I need to go buy a bike, any recommendations?

Sinda said...

It's Spring!

Well, summer almost, but spring again in a few days. Definitely the sentiment is spring-like, though.

Emily said...

Who'd you have over for dinner? Sounds tasty.

Have you registered for the tri? I still need to.

Emily said...

Scratch that...I just registered! (You better too!)

EdamameMommy said...

Does sound busy. You will be doing lots of flopping around next week though...

Laura said...

Sounds fun. I'm jealous, particularly of all those springtime activities.
What's mofungo?

Vetmommy said...

Mofungo is a Puerto Rican dish made from plantains. Kinda like a garlicky potato hash.