Monday, March 30, 2009

Do or Do Not. There is no Try.

Last week was crazy -- I worked all week, covering 2 doctors being out, then got ready at night for Anna's birthday party and the amazing amount of people who came to help us celebrate. The day Anna was born, being the first grandchild on one side and the first in 10 years on the other side, a LARGE number of people came to meet her on her BIRTHday. My sisters Emily and Stephanie, my mom and dad, Anthony's mom and dad, his Uncle Volker, and my Uncle Tom all came to the hospital that day. By an extraordinary coincidence, all those same people were here this year on her birthday. Plus a few more cousins born to the family since then. Quite a celebration.

Anna requested a Star Wars Party, and we had 16 children attend. Emily helped me cut simple tunics from the 10 yard of cheap ivory muslin I bought, sashed with brown belts. Each party guest also got a blow up light saber - nice and soft in case they decided to hit each other. We played some games: 1)the young Jedi hit bubbles with their light sabers (Emily and I blew the bubbles from above, and the kids rushing to hit them were like a shark feeding frenzy), 2) the kids ran an obstacle course with a small picture of Yoda on their back (like Luke training), and 3) because the Jedi worked in teams, the kids had to figure out how to cross the hot "lava" of the pea gravel with just a beach blanket, a box, and a cookie sheet. It took a while for them to figure this team building exercise out, and it was hard for us adults not to butt in with suggestions, but eventually all the Padawans crossed the hostile surface.

I did not come up with any of these ideas; I poached them all from various internet websites. Also, I had extreme help from my many house guests, so it really all came together quickly. Anthony was, of course, provided the critical duties of calling in the pizza order and making the AWESOME R2-D2 cake!
Video courtesy of my dad

Here's hoping this week will be less insane, so I can catch up on blogs!


ColeBugsmommy said...

Cole is having a Star Wars party, too. Man, we should have just joined your party instead. JK Where did you get the blow up light sabers?

get2eric said...

It really was a nice day. It is good that we can drive up and back in one day if necessary too. Yes, a lot of driving but it was well worth the effort.