Thursday, June 07, 2007

Scarpe e Scarpe

The title refers to a wonderful shoe store I found in the suburbs of Milan, walking distance from my friend Romina's apartment. It was not some fancy Italian designer shoe store. It was a "Famous Footwear," style store - tons of shoes out on the floor, for your personal browsing and fitting. Sometimes a girl likes the service of a salesperson, running to the back for your size, and sometimes she wants to serve herself under the radar.

What I really liked about "Scarpe e Scarpe," (translation: shoes & shoes) was that everything was 100% leather (vera pela) and about $20-30.

Texas is no Italy.

I have been trying to get Anna some decent leather sandals on the sly at the places I frequent. I'm not talking Target, where all the shoes are synthetic and therefore extremely odiferous after one visit to the park, I'm talking the athletic store where I bought my triathlon outfit, Famous Footwear, Kohl's, etc etc. Sadly, not a shoe to be found not made of some horrid naugahyde guaranteed to offend your nostrils after wearing.

Yesterday, my mission was to make a special trip to buy Anna decent sandals. We trekked up to Round Rock to the specialty shoe store I've frequented before, and was shocked to find it closed. I guess everyone is buying the man-made material shoes up there, not supporting the vera pela kind. Fortunately my friend Lisa steered me to the right place in Austin, AND they were having a sale!

What a sale! I got Anna a pair of English all leather sandals, usually $60, for just twenty. Bonus: found a cute pair for Colin, too; originally $30, now just ten! Took a lot of driving, but it was cheaper than airfare to Italy.


get2eric said...

I share your concern about man made materials.........I like my leather Birks better than anything.
The latest Birks I got are synthetic....Yuck.
Ecco shoes are synthetic and cost like $140 a pair. But. They are so comfy.

Emily said...

Glad you found what you were looking for!

A.Norma said...

I paid £60 for my leather Eccos so I bought 2 pairs...very good value and so comfy..

Lisa said...

Did you get those Sonnet sandals? Lyra had a pair of those last summer and she LOVED them.

EdamameMommy said... and

my kids are shoeaholics and suffer the same sweaty foot affliction.

sorry no caps..typing with one hand

paula said...

We always get Luke's shoes from Clarks, they only sell leather ones, and they last for ages (well until his feet grow).

Laura said...

Shoes... too bad it's getting so hard to find decent ones. My Aunt Kathleen told me once that it was worth it to buy expensive shoes. Her philosophy is that last longer and are generally better for your feet. I think she's right.