Monday, June 04, 2007

Male Ballet Dancer on Strike

After going to the ballet studio and sitting sullenly on the floor the past 3 times, Colin has been asked not to return unless he is going to be dancing. He is very aware that he is the only boy at this school, and he is very into gender-specific activities. He always asks me before we go to a party if it is a party for boys, or boys and girls. And although he plays fantastically with his sister, he does seek out male playmates where ever we go.

So, I guess I'll be taking back the "costume" I bought him but obviously not the worn ballet slippers.

I felt quite virtuous today when I dried my clothes using solar energy (ie clothesline) but did not quite plan on the ozonated water rinse that the second load got while I was at the grocery store. It rained nearly 3 more inches. My clothes were still soaked on the sagging line after dinner tonight when I took them off and threw them in the dryer. Oh well, at least one load was dried CO2 free.

The rains filled the "pond" in my backyard (aka hole or pit), and I can hear the frogs singing their love song now. BLLLAAAAAAUUUUGGGHHHH! Their passions are loud and shameless.

We did have one of the tadpoles from Anna's classroom finally make the leap to metamorphosis yesterday. Check out this delicate little guy, with his tail remnant tucked under his bum:


get2eric said...

A cute little frog. Sorry Col doesn't want to dance with the girls.

paula said...

Get him to watch Billy Elliot!! Such a cute froggy.

ColeBugsmommy said...

I was telling Cole about the tadpoles and he wants me to catch him some to "grow" into frogs. Sorry about the dance class, what about gymnastics or .....spanish karate :-)

Emily said...

Cute frog. So tiny!

As for ballet, oh well. You tried; he tried. There will be other activities.

Jennifer said...

Paula, you are brilliant! Why didn't I think of Billy Elliot? Probably too late this go around.

Kareen, we will share tadpoles if you like. They are easy pets. Set them free in the yard when they become toads.

Library Lady said...

Any chance of rounding up a friend or two to join him? Ballet is a GREAT thing for little boys because it really works on body control--balance and such, and it's a shame more kids don't do it.

But I do get the gender thing. No matter how hard parents try to stay away from it, it comes out!