Sunday, March 18, 2007

Funny Quotes from Spring Break

At the big buffet dinner, Graham and Anna decided to try onion rings. They selected one each.

"What do you think of that onion ring, Graham?" his mom asked.

"Crunchy....and not good," he decided. Anna agreed, holding hers aloft. It was perfectly round, with one tiny bite of batter gone at the rim.

Colin took his shoe off in the car and discovered a hole on the bottom of his sock.

"Look at your hole!" Anna said. "Its so big!"

"Its like an 'O,' " Colin said solemnly.

(maybe it was funnier in person with Colin's adorable delivery)


EdamameMommy said...

Oh, I'd already forgotten about the onion ring assessment. That IS what he said, good memory.

Tonight in the tub we gently scrubbed away the remnants of our tatoos. We made up a song to go along with the washing:

Mommy helps me gently scrub my tatoo away
There wasn't much left of it today
I got it on Spring Break in San Antonio
With my cousins Anna and Colin-O!

Aw, soooo sad it's over.

Emily said...

I also liked when Graham was insisting Anna sit by him at dinner, yelling out, "She's shitting by me!"

A.Norma. said...

She's shitting by me!" hahahahaahahahaahahahahaah Emily!! did he really say that??

ColeBugsmommy said...

I bet having all the cousins together is so much fun. I wish Cole family kids his age. Oh wait, guess that would mean my brother would have to be a father, nevermind.