Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer Afternoon

It was showery off and on this morning, but after lunch the sun was shining, so I decided to take the kids to the pool. We have a great local pool that's like a mini waterpark geared toward little kids. We go right by it on my usual bike route, and the kids were DYING to go all winter. It doesn't open until school ends in May. I couldn't believe we hadn't been yet this summer.

I called the pool: "Are ya'll open?" "Yes, its sunny here. Ya'll come on out!" was the reply. That was about 1:30.

So, I started getting ready. Undress both kids, apply sunblock and swimsuits - it sounds simpler than it is, because you have to chase them down, disengage them from various activities, they get out other toys while you are putting stuff on them... Also, Anna had to have a tinkle break and Colin had a poopy pull-up in the midst of all the preparation. Pack the towels, floaties, change of clothes and shampoo/conditioner for after the post-swim shower, water bottles, wallet, cell phone, sunglasses, visor, keys, and...

2:15. Dark ominous clouds. Then, lightning and big drops of rain.

I checked the radar, and it looked like it might clear up. So, I had the kids watch a 30 minute show, I did some dinner prep, and then called the pool. The rain was clearing. They said they would open again at 3:30pm.

It was a great time to go to the pool. The parking lot was empty. The sun was shining. The water was refreshingly cold! After lots of swimming and sliding, we paused for a treat. Colin and I got fudge bombs and Anna got a rainbow pop. They came out of the freezer too cold to bite all the way through. I thought they shouldn't keep them so cold. Mere seconds later, popsicle drips were running down our arms, off our elbows and onto our legs. Colin's fudge bomb looked HUGE in his little grasp, but he focused all his attention on devouring it, slowly and steadily, until he handed me the naked stick. Anna excitedly told me about each flavor change as she ate down her rainbow pop. "Maybe I should get some fudgesicles for our freezer," I thought, until I saw our messy selves, and decided this was a good pool-only treat. "I have an idea, Mommy," Anna said. "Let's get back in the pool and it will wash off all our mess!"

It was a great afternoon, spoiled only a little by Anna's total melt down when it was time to go --she was overwhelmed by the desire to purchase forbidden peanut MnMs and eat them in the car (never!) and by the disappointment of going home-- while napless Colin slumped, eyes half mast, head against the side of his car seat.

I'm really glad we got to do this today, because most of next month I will be working a lot more, covering the schedule of one of our doctors sent home on pregnancy bedrest. I will mostly be working mornings, but there will be less time for carefree summer fun. I talked to my bed-bound friend tonight, and she was actually jealous of me doing dishes. For certain, its better to be tired from so much fun then restless and restrained.


EdamameMommy said...

Oh yeah, I can vouch for that restless and restrained thing -- having twins shows you both ends of the spectrum. I have never felt such utter physical exhaustion as in the first 6 mo with twin bf'ers. What a feeling when you lay down in bed at night. Muscles all over your body buzz like they've been riding an electric bull all day. Then there is the opposite, the pgcy bedrest, where you eat for sport but then regret it because your bowels have shut down from your inertia, leg muscles ache to be USED, and your mind is going nuts with only a tv,computer screen or novel to entertain it rather than the 100s of inputs of data per second it is used to in your ambulatory world...
And as for the sweet frozen treats, we stock them in our freezer. My rule is, they eat them shirtless, outside and get literally HOSED DOWN after they consume. Ask Grandad, he witnessed it tonight. The whole fruit popsicles from CM or WF are a fav around here.

Jess said...

Great Post! Sounds like an awesome day! I love those rainbow colored popsicles! I remember when I was little my mom used to buy them on special occasions and it was the best ever! When I was little the mini pops weren't out yet, so they had only those huge rainbow pops! It was always such a chore to eat the big ones - BUT oh so much fun!

I'm jealous of your awesome day at the pool - the weather here has been terrible - but it should be clearing up soon! :)

Sounds like you are enjoying your summer! See you soon!


What a typical Texas day! Sunny-then the next moment- POURING down rain. Good thing for the radar...otherwise you woulda had some REALLY restless kiddos. =)

The way you described the popsicle-eating sounds heavenly! I'm glad the pool adventure was fun and not completely rained out. =)


Leah said...

New post already.....your almost as bad as Maureen....HA HA....just joking