Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Colinism Spelling

Colin still says inventive, funny things.  I love his sentences for spelling homework.  Here are a few gems:

My hair is bald.

I love to look at cat claws.

True or false, do frogs like peanut butter?

Over 1,900 people drowned in the Titanic.

I saw the cat rising on it's legs.

After I went swimming I stripped all of my cloths.

Every person in jail wears a striped shirt.

The mean people were bragging about their trophy.

The stalagmite dripped water droplets off of its end.

No one spotted a seagull at the beach today.

In the cival war many people escaped captivity.


Unknown said...

"My hair is bald." made me laugh out loud and scare the dogs. :)

Novato Animal Clinic said...

I miss those old days of writing spelling sentences in elementary school.