Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Anna got a special card for her special boy friend at school, the one who got her a tiny box of chocolates and a tiny Teddy bear last year.  We asked Colin if he wanted anything special for anyone at school, and he said, "Why?  Valentine's Day is for showing the people in your family that you love them."

Sigh.  Does he really have to grow up to be a sullen teenager who dumps us for his peers?

In the end, he made small handcrafted valentine's for his classmates (with help from Anna and me), then made 2 big decorated cards with envelopes for Zoey AND Janna!

When I got home from my jog around the foggy lake, this message was on my home answering machine:
"Jenn.  I left my Valentine's day cards in my mom's car.  And I need them.  (pause)  Bye."

Even though there was no please or thank you in that awkward message, I gladly brought him the cards.  Because I love him.  I love my whole family!  We'll be celebrating with sweet, spicy Thai food tonight.


Emily said...

He called you Jenn?

He is a sweet boy. I'm so glad to be celebrating with you all tonight!

Anonymous said...

You mean that was Colin leaving you a phone message - not Anthony?? Too funny and so formal!!! M/Nana