Thursday, January 20, 2011

Itinerant Blogger

I used to be unable to go more than a few days without posting.  Now I'm too wiped at the end of most days to get a round tuit.

Anthony is gone for his second entire week this month.  I get a little extra energy when he is gone, enough to make sure I get up early to put the kids on the bus and do all the little chores that we share, only to find there is nothing left at the end of the day.  Here's some things I considered blogging about, briefly.

I was off on Saturday and we had a great day where we all hung out in our pyjamas until about 3 pm.  It was a rainy day and by then the cooped up kids were a little stir crazy, so I took them to the rec center where they both ran/walked 3 miles!  Then we were back home for more family time.  We accomplished nothing but hanging out together.

Yesterday at work I had one of those experiences that was "only in the life of a vet."  My first afternoon appointment was a home euthanasia (an 18 year old cat in heart failure.  Still feisty!  But suffering, it was time to go).  That was followed by a scheduled c-section on a tiny Yorkie with 4 puppies.  As luck would have it, the Manny came by with both my kids right after delivery (he had a gig to go to) and the mom's owner is actually a co-worker, so Anna and Colin both got to hold the little newborn pups, squirming with tied off umbilicus cords, smaller than Anna's big hamster.  I heard someone speak recently about polar opposites (good/bad, heaven/hell, light/dark) and how some cultures don't think of it as an either/or, that life really is about embracing the pull of both.  Having a day of immediately experiencing death and birth, and seeing your kids in a different setting than you usually do, can make you feel pretty philosophical.


mr man said...

Brilliant the idea that life is (in part) navigating, walking the sometimes fine line, between birth and death.

All of the water is almost hard and ready for your return.

Emily said...

That's beautifully put, Jenn.

And what a great experience for the kids! I was envious hearing them talk about it. They were thrilled.

Lisa said...

Your life is pretty cool, Jenn. It says a lot about you that you can step back and see that. I hope Anthony doesn't always have to travel so much. And try to do less, turnip, when you can.