Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Lots of good bloggy ideas in my head.  Little time or energy to get them out.

But look at this gift I got today!  I have a wonderful client who has gifted me with some of her gently used things, like a Waterford crystal bowl, Italian table linens, and a Lladro figurine.  (Can you tell she doesn't have a daughter?)  But today she gave me a gift I will really treasure:

Those are hand knit socks! Merino wool with just a touch of cashmere! Such beautiful tiny stitches!

I can't wait for chilly weather!

(PS these are NOT gently used.  They are brand new, never worn, knit just for me!)


grandad says said...

How neat is that?. I got a gift today too. A lovely gently used leather bag. It will serve as my gym bag.

Lisa said...

Wow, Jenn, she really loves you! And she knows you will appreciate this gift. People who knit socks get a bit addicted to knitting socks, so she is probably happy to have a grateful recipient. What a luxury for you.

Did she give you care instructions?

Emily said...

How sweet!

Vetmommy said...

Lisa, I think she is addicted to sock knitting, listening to her talk about it. She did give me care instructions, and said to let her know if I wanted them skinnier or fatter in any part, because she's going to make another pair!