Monday, October 26, 2009

Good as New

After a yucky week at work (long days, more favorite patients lost), we had another busy full weekend. The kids enjoyed a drop-off Halloween party, and the adults enjoyed a wedding party (with much dancing). Anna and Colin both got hugely scraped elbows from falling while scootering. I went on a long, lovely bike ride - I do so love that bike Anthony got for my birthday, it feels like I'm flying, especially on a breezy sunny day - and came back to find that Anna had fallen on the sidewalk again. When she asked her dad to check if her lip was bleeding, he spotted her chipped tooth and said, "OH MY GAWD!" That reaction completely freaked her out and she spend hours agonizing over her broken permanent tooth. It looked like this:

Quite a horrible break, but fortunately not into the pulp of the tooth, which would have been FAR FAR worse. I called our pediatric dentist, and he was able to fix it today with a composite. I have a composite on one of my front incisors where there is a divot in the enamel. What I didn't realize was that because hers went into the dentin and was more sensitive, she was going to get a shot of local anesthetic. Several shots. We did it without the nitrous, and Anna was a brave soldier. 30 minutes later, she looked like this:

This was taken with my phone, so there's not much detail, but he really did a beautiful job! Anna was so pleased and so relieved, she was giddy. And although she had a fat-feeling lip, she was happy to go to ballet afterwards. Such a trooper!


get2eric said...

Oh I am so feeling for my little Anna,

Glad that it was fixable like that. Good job. Y mas cuidado Anna!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, for Pediatric Dentists!!! Good job, Anna!
Love you, Nana

My Word Verif. is DENTRI - imagine that!

Sinda said...

Two beautiful smiles, one beautiful girl. Glad she feels better able to flash that grin!

Emily said...

Oh, I'm sure that was scary for Anth and for Anna. I'm glad it was fixable. Proud of Anna for being such a trooper!

DapDapWap said...

Oh goodness, I'm glad that all turned out well. Tell Anna she is making me very, very nervous! If I had been Anthony, I would've crumbled!!

sarahdoow said...

What a great repair. I've got something similar on my two top front teeth having flipped over the handle of a seesaw when I was about 8, smacking my teeth on the metal bar. Tip: don't go on the seesaw with someone bigger and heavier than you.