Monday, August 31, 2009

Big and Small Changes

For those of you sympathetic souls in cooler climes, please know that the weather has abated the past two days. We are a full 10 degrees cooler in our high and low temps. 93 may not sound cool to you, but when you are used to opening your front door and feeling like you walked into a convection oven, opening your door to 93 is like an oasis, a reprieve. In the mornings, it is nothing short of amazing to walk outside and feel like the morning is FRESH, not muggy and pregnant with potential heat.

We went to the pool yesterday and got goosebumps.

When there were no other little boys for Colin to play with today at ballet, I agreed to go outside with him and let him play in the little gazebo in back. In the shade, I didn't even break a sweat!

Speaking of Colin, he had his annual check up today. We discovered he has grown FIVE inches since last year (the nurse measured him twice). At 48 inches, he has broken the 4 foot mark. He is on schedule to become SIX FEET ONE INCHES. As our pediatrician said, "Uh, how tall is your husband?" He's 5'8", and I'm 5'2". Someday Colin will tower over us.

Later I was snuggling with him, and told him, "Can you believe you are going to be so big and tall? I don't want you to grow up!" Colin sagely said, "But Mommy, I will be able to help you do so many things." That, I will look forward to!


Anonymous said...

5 inches!!! Holy Cow! Yes, he will tower over us all. I guess he inherited his genes from his great grandfather Brooks and from Uncle Volker.
Love, Nana

grandad says said...

If he continues at the same rate as this last year he will be taller than you are in 3 years. :-)

Emily said...

Yay for cooler temps! Glad to hear you're FINALLY getting some relief.

Wow, 5 inches in one year is a lot! It's hard to imagine him over 6 feet.

After I spoke to y'all last night, I got a voice mail from your cell phone. It was obviously an accidental call, but I could hear you and Colin talking in the background. It was sweet!