Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Which one of these things doesn't belong?

In light of the huge budget shortfall, the State of California is proposing a tax on auto and appliance repair, amusement parks, golf fees, sporting events, and veterinary care.

Excuse me, but taking your pet to the veterinary hospital is not like taking your toaster to the appliance repair shop. Or spending the weekend playing golf or going to Knott's Berry Farm. It is like taking your child to the pediatrician. Pet food is already taxed, but medical services should not be taxed, no matter what the species.

The California Veterinary Medical association says it better than me:

• In this weak economy, animal owners are already making tough choices. Adding sales tax to veterinary services will force owners to make difficult choices about the health and welfare of
their pets.

• Pets are members of the family and an important source of companionship. This proposed tax could add approximately 9% to the cost of veterinary care. The result will be that many animals won’t get the medical care they need and they will be abandoned or euthanized.

• Shelter populations are increasing beyond capacity as many Californians lose their homes to foreclosure. If people can’t afford to take care of their pets, they may be forced to abandon them to shelters, adding to the overcrowding and financial strain.

• More than 800,000 cats and dogs enter California shelters every year at a cost to taxpayers of $275 million. As shelters become filled beyond capacity, more healthy animals will be euthanized adding to the emotional strain of shelter workers.

• The public health and safety will be at risk. Veterinary care is essential to protecting the public from zoonotic diseases such as rabies and leptospirosis.

• Food production animals require veterinary care. A lack of proper care would affect the public health. Also, a sales tax on veterinary services will increase the cost of food production which will ultimately be passed on to consumers further adding to the already high cost of food.

• Veterinary medical care shouldn’t be taxed any differently than human medical care.

• Veterinarians are clearly health care professionals and are subject to many of the same laws and regulations as other health care providers. Veterinary medicine should not be singled out for this tax.

• It is an insult to the veterinary profession to compare veterinary medical services with appliance and furniture repair.

• It’s not right for our beloved pets to suffer because of the state’s financial problems.

• It’s not right for our beloved pets to suffer because of the state’s financial problems.


get2eric said...
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get2eric said...

California is going broke. So they'll tax what they can.

And as Chuck Schumer said about the stimulus bill. "The American people don't care." Most people will not care about this 'small' change.

They'll continue to stuff it down our throats until we say "enough."

Miss Mandi said...

Wow..That's disgusting. Your absolutely right, it's hard enough for pet owners to pay for care first off. Then to tax it and add to that? Wonderful!
I must agree that it IS indeed like taking your child to the dr. Isn't that why there's Vet Insurance now? Seriously, I don't want to offend anyone, but sometimes the Californian Government really tends to surprise me with it's stupidity!

peevish said...

This is appalling. I had no idea. Yet another reason to avoid California.

Emily said...

In NY, they upped the taxes for cigarettes and canned soda. I like that idea better.