Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Recipe for a Last-Minute, Girls' Night, Going Away Party

3 bottles red wine
1 bottle prosecco
3 wedges gourmet cheese
1 package edamame
2 bars Cadbury Milk Chocolate

Lots of Erasure
Total Eclipse of the Heart (turn around, bright eyes)
Don't Stop Believin'
Please Don't Go (KC style)

Sprinkling of Tears
Ciao, Fran!


premenopaws said...

My kind of evening!

peevish said...

Did you have any bread with that cheese?

Sounds like fun!

EdamameMommy said...

We were just belting out those great 80s hits this past weekend, too. I cannot get bright eyes out of my head, with my buddy Amy's voice doing the lyrics. AND we had a bar of chocolate with chilis and cherries in it.

Strange how similarly we do our female bonding, eh? And they say women are a mystery...

Emily said...

Oh, how sad that Fran is gone! Sounds like you gave her a nice send-off. Did she go back home?

paula said...

Sounds like a great evening

Anonymous said...

Chocolate and chillis!! someone in England has just suggested CRISPS made with those two ingredients and she is in the running for a £50,000 prize from the Crisp firm! Crispy Duck with Hoisin sauce is in the lead ,thank goodness..sounds like you all had a great time,Jenn. A.Norma.x

grandad says said...

Obviously not enough wine.........