Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brief Detour from the Trip Recap

I'll get back to Italy, but of course here in Texas life goes on. At work today, I did some tumor removals on a Chinese Crested, a mostly hairless dog. Then I did something I've never done before.I put a band-aid on my patient!


mainlyclearskies said...

Good thing he's mostly hairless, or Ouch!

Emily said...

ha ha ha
Those dogs are so cute, in a weird way, to me.
Hope the tumors were benign.

Laura said...

Are Chinese Cresteds immunodeficient like hairless rats and mice?

Krispy said...

I cannot see one of those dogs without immediately thinking of my neighbor in San Diego who walked his 2 cresteds every day... and the numerous flinch-worthy piercings that I witnessed with each dog walk.